Go to a school, it's quicker, easier, cheaper and safer. And you can find out if you enjoy kitesurfing without spending thousands on all the gear!

Kitesurfing like Scuba Diving is one of the sports you definitely want professional instruction in. When learning to ride a bike or ski you can learn on the bunny hill which is very safe and easy due to the slight grade of the run and slowly as you get bettee progress your way to the Blue, Red and Black Diamond runs. With kitesurfing as a beginner once you are strapped to the kite you are on the triple black diamond, as the danger of the sport is being physically attached to a human size kite. When taking lessons in a school you are kept underpowered until you are ready for the power for your first board starts and riding. The importance of taking lessons with a reputable school is that your instructor will know when you are ready for more power, as well will be able to teach you to fly the kite safely and with very good control.